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in home scanning Santa Monica
Top 10 Reasons to Use AFA
   10. Convenience
      9.  Time
      8. The Living Legacy
      7.  Unlimited Possibilies
      6. Cost Effective
      5. Customization
      4. Quality
Top 10 Reasons to Use AFA

10.  Convenience. It just takes a phone call.  It is human nature to put off the task of preserving those images, but those treasures are too valuable to wait any longer.  AFA will make it easy and affordable

 9.  Time. No packing. No driving. No mailing. No waiting in line. No worrying for the weeks or months for your images and for your irreplaceable photos to be safely returned. Your images will  be scanned, preserved, digitized and organized in your home the same day!

  8.   The AFA Living Legacy®  AFA will organize your images into a easily accesable form.  If you wish, your AFA  tech will set up your phone to automatically add new photos to your digitized internet archive as your take them.  All your images will literally be at your finger tips.

 7. Unlimited Possibilities.  Those digitized images can easily be made into prints, scrapbooks, digital frames, and easily used in many other ways. Old damaged photos can be retouched.

 6. Cost Effective. We are specialist and have the best equipment to do the job quickly, safely with top quality. AFAś home scanning process is less expensive than mail-in or carry in scanning services.

 5. Customization. Your AFA tech will design a program which best fits you needs and budgets.  Because we are working in your home we can consult with you to pinpoint the process to serve you best.

 4. Quality. We use the best equipment for the best result and the scans with be available for you inspection anytime during the session providing real-time quality control.

 3. Safety. Imagine sending your precious images in the mail or dropping them off at a store where dozens of orders are being processed.  Imagine the worry as you spend weeks or months waiting for your photos to return and the concern they may be lost or damaged. With AFA those problems are eliminated. Your photos never leave your home.  They can never be mixed with other orders. The are ready the same day! 

 2. A New Perspective. We founded AFA after experiencing the positive effect of having our family archive at our fingertips to be shared with friends and and family.  Your life, your heritage will shine in a new light.  We hate to get corny here, but it is a profoundly enlightening and uplifting experience. That is why we got in this business and that is what we strive for with our service.

 1. Peace of Mind. Those irreplaceable treasured images are no longer vulnerable, to fire, flood or simply being misplaced. In times of emergency it becomes instantly clear that the most important things you own are those precious photos. You are guardian to a true family legacy. Imagine the value of knowing those treasured images are safe through any emergency.

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