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One Client´s Story

We Tailor Our Services to Each Client´s Needs

It´s a family treasure, a seven hundred page, homemade photo album. Chronicling almost 60 years of family life, it was handed down by our client's father and she took the responsibility to preserve its legacy for future generations.


Every photo album is different. Some have easily removable photos. Some have photos that are pasted to the page, while others have pages with both photos and comments. Scantastic is equipped to handle them all efficiently and to the highest standards. 


Jeff, her Scantastic technician spent the first half hour setting up and finding the best tool to capture the album to preserve it digitally while preserving its character. (We never charge clients for setup time.)

USBwithTag .jpg
700 Pages now All on Flash Drive

In this case, the photos were pasted to the pages with comments written to the side. The best choice was to take a high definition picture of every page.  The process went quickly with the entire album digitized in less than 8 hours.

Our client's comment: "Jeff made the process quick and painless. Please thank him again."


Digitally captured, copied on a flash drive and on the cloud -- it is now accessible to all family members and safely preserved. A living legacy for come.

Preserved for Generations to Come

Please Call 

We can answer all of your questions on the phone. There is no photo collection too small or too large for us to handle.

We can advise you in the best way to preserve your treasured

images in a form that will best serve you and your family.

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