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Glendale scanning company

Safe and Convenient AFA High-Quality Home Scanning is Also Less Expensive than Mail-in or Carry-In Photo Scanning Companies

Mail-In Companies:

They average 40 to 75 cents per photo

Shipping always has some risk if of loss or damage. Won't you worry the whole time the photos are out of your possession?

Carry-in or Pick-up Companies

40 to 80 cents per photo

May take days or weeks with worry of damage or loss


Scantastic! Photo Scanning

Home scanning 25 to 35 cents per photo 

Ready the same day!


Scantastic! is much more than a scanning company. Your technician will design a custom Living Legacy® that will organize and preserve past, present and future images for generations to come.


No packing, No shipping, No driving, No waiting in line.

No worry of loss, or poor quality. 

Scantastic is billed at $95/hour with a minimum of 4 hours. 

Includes a top quality 64 GB flash drive at no additional cost.

You are not billed for set-up, breakdown, or any breaks.

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